Sunday, May 31, 2009

A valuable lesson learned

Today I showed my young Lab, Kayla, in an AKC Agility show. I learned a very valuable lesson. I let a nasty judge get in my head and frazzle me. It came back to bite me and I let my dog down. Agility is not supposed to be about who wins or who has what titles. Agility is about you, your dog and the course. You go in there and do the best that you can and win that course. I didn't do that and let Kay down. She got stressed sensing my distress and began to guess at what obstacle was next. I was able to regroup a bit and we finished the course together. The true test came with our next run. Would I pick my head up and do right by my dog? Yes! We came back and finished with a clean Standard run. We finished strong. I did right by Kay. In the future we will avoid that judge. She's not a nice person.

Lesson of the day: Do right by your dog. Agility is supposed to be fun, Q or not!

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