Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bark in the Park 2009

Bark was yesterday and this year I helped Stacy with her agility demo and instruction. Anybody who wants to may come and play with the equipment. What a bunch of fun and what a diverse group of people!!!

There's Stacy at the half way point of the day. By now we're all tired of repeating ourselves so many times. I now know how tour guides feel at the end of the day. You get sick of hearing yourself talk.

The pups got to play for a bit in the morning, but had to hang out in their kennels for the rest of the day. Kayla was not very happy about it, but she lived. Dude surprised me and was very quiet. He only fussed when I went to get either Kay or Bailey out to play. He watched his siblings run in the morning without a peep. Very good for the little man!

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