Thursday, April 30, 2009


So Kayla and I are one leg away from our Companion Dog Excellent, CDX, title. Last weekend we went 0 for 2 on legs. Each time it was one little piece that fell out of place. The chick worked hard, it was a tough class and she has a novice handler. We were put into the B class with all of the OTCH handlers. It's very nerve racking!!! We did achieve our goal of not dropping the long sit. We worked out butts off at it too!!! Kay held those sits too.

Our training sessions are going to focus on cleaning up my handling, our right and about turns, and fronts. Those fronts and finishes are gimme points!!! We have to clean those up. The fronts are coming along. The right turns are going to take a bit of brain storming. Right now we are working against the wall to keep her butt in. She tends to swing out wide. Back to the drawing board.

The scent articles are progressing nicely!!! I can't wait for it to all come together. Scent articles is one of the coolest exercises ever!! I've always wanted to teach it to a dog and to be able to say that my dog can do it. We're getting close!!!

Happy training!!!

Best job ever? I think so!

Where else can you get away with playing ball outside with two cool dogs? No where!!! Meet Bill and Soph. Two rockin' pups that can't get enough of playing ball. Only dogs I know that can kill Tuff Balls in one session.

Bill is the one in brown and Soph is the one in black. Proud siblings to two new baby human sisters.

The mother of all sink holes

While walking two of my favoritest dogs around Hyde Park earlier this week I came across this.

Tell me that's not cool! You can even see the old sewer/storm drain construction. The hole ate a few caution thingies. Must have been hungry.