Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bang! and Rollover

Goal: To have your dog drop his side when "shot"

If your dog is sensitive about hard surfaces begin this one on something soft. With the dog in a down, take a treat from the dog's nose and slowly turn hi head back toward his shoulder. Continue to draw this line back toward his shoulder blade. At this point you should see the dog begin to lean back and start to go onto his side. Keep going until his head is on the ground. This is the 'Bang!' position. Continue to feed to maintain the position, then release.

*Note: Most dogs will favor one side over the other. Go with the dog's natural side.

Goal: To have your dog completely roll over and end up back in the position he started

From the 'Bang!' position continue to lure toward the shoulder. The head and body should follow until the dog is on his other side.

If at anytime the dog pops up, simply begin again. Break it down into small steps if need be.

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