Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ready! Steady! Go!

The ready game is our key to a great start line. Not only this, but it helps to teach deceleration and collection cues as well. All you'll need to play this is a smile and a pocket full of cookies.

The dog can start on your left or your right, in a sit, down, or stand. I start with my dog on my left, usually in a sit. When your dog is set, step off with your right foot and take a few steps. You'll want to leave your shoulders open and at an angle towards your dog. This way you can maintain eye contact, while letting your dog know which side to run too. When you ready to unleash the beast, release him with his word and run a few steps forward. Just as he's about to catch up to you stop and reward right down the seam of your pants. Don't fret if he over runs you a little bit, just lure him back to your side and reward. If you want to tighten up the stops, just do it next to the wall for a few reps.

To make this exercise harder increase the distance that you lead out or add a slight curve to your run and don't forget to practice on both sides!!!

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