Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kay's trip to the chiro

Well, those who know me know I take my dogs to the chiropractic vet at least once a year to get a tune up. This month was Dude's follow up and Kayla's turn. The vet found reduced flexion in her left elbow and some thickening. While it won't halt her from playing agility, it will put a kink in it. She's slim, active and going to be starting joint supplements very soon which will help. My little squirrel's funky foot out of whack! We'll have to reduce her training times per week and sorry guys, limit her trips to class as a demo pup.

This does explain why she is not wanting to stay in the weave poles at speed and cannot turn as tightly. I still love her! It just might take us longer to get that MACH.

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